Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Haunted House Narrative By Alex

“Eeek! was that bonnie?”
“I think so” Jacob said. Mannnnn we shouldn’t have gone after his “stupid” sister. It was her own fault that she broke the game and she got sucked into it. Jacob kept up the pace and said “ My parents are going to kill me if she doesn’t come back” and added “Personally I couldn’t care less.”

Ahhhh! screamed Ashley regretting every moment she played the game and getting angry at it. It was actually her fault that they had all fallen in the game and she knew it. She hated herself for being such a sore loser. Suddenly she heard Chica’s creepy laugh and knew she was onto her. She screamed out “Jacob!, Max help me!”.

Jacob immediately started to run towards the voice with me right behind him. When we got there Chica was almost upon her so I grabbed a pole and  whacked chica straight in the kisser. So her stupid robot head went flying off and stuck in a wall. While Jacob reunited with his sister I went and pulled Chica’s head out the wall and squashed it with the pole. “So” I said to Ashley who was still looking cautiously at the severed head “Still feel angry at the game or your self?”

Five minutes later when we were making a plan to escape the chica body suddenly stood up and walk towards us then…… it fell down. “Bwha ha ha ha ha!” we all laughed at the pathetic try from the robot, when we finally stopped laughing I said “This is night 2 right?” “Yep” so that means no Freddy, no foxy, only Bonnie and good al’ chica over there. “Hahahahahahahahaha”.

Boossshhhhh! booooommmm! bannnggg!  “Ummmm…..... who made that noise?”as we all slowly turned around, the Bonnie threw chunks of the wall and squashed them.

The children or their bodies were never found so the police gave up and till this very day their ghosts roam the halls of Five Nights At Freddy’s.

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