Friday, April 1, 2016

Making Chocolate Recount By Jack

Making Chocolate Easter Treats 

 Today LS1 made chocolate Easter Treats. We used
/ A Plate, A Pot, A Jug of hot water, A Spoon, Some Moulds, A Packet Of Chocolate droppings, A Butter Knife And A Fridge 
We had to wait for the jug of cold water to boil so my group just talked. In my group there was Abdurahim, Tai, Ta’ani and Dallas. Eventually the water boiled and Miss Paton poured some water into our pot and we put the plate over the pot and left some chocolate on the plate to melt. While the chocolate was melting we had to stir the chocolate until there were no more lumps left. After the chocolate was melted we put the chocolate in the moulds one by one. We had to leave the chocolate in a fridge for 2 days. After the first day we had to wrap the chocolate in tin foil and then we left it in the fridge for another day, and the next day they were ready to eat. It was fun making the chocolates I hope we could we could do it again.   
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