Friday, April 1, 2016

Making Easter Eggs Recount

Easter Recount

Who: Ls1, Miss Paton
When: Tuesday morning
Why: because it was Easter

On Tuesday morning Group B made chocolates with Miss Paton in Ls1. We made chocolates, because it was Easter! We split up in a group of 4 people. When the water was boiling, When the water was boiled Miss Paton put the hot water into a pot. Next she placed a plate on top. After that she put chocolate buttons on top of the plate. When the chocolate was  almost melted the lovely aroma went up my nose. When all the chocolate was melted there was a strong creamy smell around the Learning Space. Then we had to pour the runny chocolate into the moulds. The chocolate splattered everywhere! When all the chocolate was finished and all the moulds were full, someone from each group had to get the group’s tray, and put it into the hall kitchen’s fridge. Then we waited till the next day. When we took them out of the fridge my group couldn't find our chocolates! At least we found some spare chocolates. “Phew,” I said.  When I plopped the chocolate in my mouth, it was so creamy.

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