Literacy Cycles

Below is a literacy cycle that shows how e-learning is integrated into my Literacy programme. This Literacy Cycle is displayed on the wall and students' names are placed beside the stages that they are working at. As a class, we tailor our writing for audience interest levels. Our audience is our number one priority, and this sets the purpose for our writing. During the literacy process, explicit teacher modeling is done to ensure students' understand the genre, language, structure and surface features such as punctuation. This is done more than once and is revisited each day. As part of this process, Teacher Conferencing plays an integral part to the literacy cycle. During this time
 students read out their writing, correct any mistakes and recraft parts of their writing so it adds interest to our audience.
After this process, we create a digital learning object. This comes in the form of a movie either using the Flip Video Camera, Webcam or a podcast using Garage Band. As part of the podcast photo's or students' Kid Pix Drawings are used to highlight individuality. At times we also use other web applications such as Animoto or Photo Bucket to highlight new upcoming episodes on our class blog.
Reflection plays a vital role in Room 5. Recently students have learnt to make comments on their work and other childrens' work in the class. In class, time is set for making comments to other classes within the school, in our cluster or to other schools in New Zealand. The children get great satisfaction making comments to others on their work and in return they love receiving feedback on their work. Puts a smile on everyone's faces and makes what we do well and truly worth doing.

Celebrating Voice

Using Google Docs

In 2011, Netbooks were introduced to the students in Room 5. The use of drafting and publishing increased through the use of Google Docs.

Google Sites Screenshot Movie:
This is my movie I made on how I used the Room 5 Google site to assist my class in making Tapa Cloths in Art.