Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Introducing Juliano

Meet Juliano, one of our Podcast Artists. Learn lots about him and find out what he does in his spare time.


Manaiakalani said...

Hi Juliano
It was lovely to listen to your introduction. I also like going to the park and I wonder if we go to the same one? I like going to the park over the road from your school by the sea.
Mrs Burt

room10@Ptengland School said...

Hi Juliano,
I liked the way you spoke very clearly. Well done! I like going to the park too.
Miss Lavakula

Juliano said...

Hi Mrs Burt,

Thank you for your comment
I like going to the school park.

From Juliano

Manaiakalani said...

Hi Juliano
You have beautiful parks around your school and in your school. I am glad to hear thay they are your favourite.
Keep up the great writing
Mrs Burt