Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Netbook Reflection By Raymond

Netbook Reflection By Ducati

Zeba's Netbook Reflection

Cyprus and John's Netbook Reflection

This is my presentation and I worked with John. John and I did lots of reflecting so comment if you want to give feedback to us and enjoy.

Halaiano's Netbook Reflection

Netbook reflection 2013

What have you learnt from your friend this year?
In this class Ohs’mar told me how to make a presentation on current events so then I made it and it was very fun learning how to make a presentation on current events.

What special thing have you learnt from your teacher?

Miss Paton told me how to make a blog comment so if I take my netbook home and i have internet I can make blog comment anytime I take my netbook home.

What have you learnt from someone out of school?

I have learnt how to use google doc from my cousin because he had a netbook at college and told me how to use it so I can do it at school.

My Netbook Reflection By Lavinia

Room 5's Reflection

Art - What I like about this year is that we did lots of art. Our artwork was based on the theme African animals. I liked this activity because we got to trace out our animals onto a piece of paper and then we painted the background to match the colour of a sunset. My animal that I used was a hippo. I used a hippo because it was easy to trace around and cut out. 

 Drama - I also like when we have drama with Mrs Eeles. In drama we learn about freeze frames and we play a game called survival. It is a game where you have to walk around and when Mrs Eeles says a number like 4 you have to get into a group of 4 and if there are any people left out they will get disqualified.

 Interclass Sports - This year we have been competing against room 7 in a lot of sporting events. Our first sport was softball, soccer, uni hockey and netball. Each game is either boys vs boys or girls vs girls. This year I have been involved in every sport against room 7. We have won 2 shields but recently bate room 7 at netball. We are beginning to start cricket and I can’t wait because I am playing for room 5’s cricket team.

My Netbook Reflection By Angel

Netbook Reflection

How has having a netbook connected to the internet helped my learning this year?

What special thing have you learnt from your teacher this year?
My Teacher Miss Paton has helped me by enabling the Adobe Flash Player to work for Maths Whizz. I have also learnt how to create a Flipping E - Book. Flipsnack is a website where you can create on-line digital E - Books. We first created a presentation and downloaded it as a PDF Document. Then you can create your Flipping E - Book. You can also change the colour, the theme and the layout. Miss Paton also introduced a different website called It is a website where you can create your own collage. You can also change the colour, effects, the border and add some text.

What significant thing have you learnt all by yourself?
I have learnt how to copy and paste an embed code from Popplet, Wall wisher and other websites, and put in up on my blog to make it interactive.

What have you learnt from your friend this year?
I have learnt from my friend how to open a new tab using a short cut. I have also learnt from my friend how to insert a video from YouTube onto a Presentation I had created.

Reon's end of year reflection

                                              End of year reflection

What have I liked about this year: I’ve liked how we have done lots of art, my favourite piece of artwork was my animal silhouette painting because it was easy to do and it had lots of colors. I also enjoy making a reindeer as one of our christmas activities, we traced our foot to make the reindeer's head and traced our hands to make its antlers.

I have also liked having cricket lessons with Andy.Also we went on a few trips like our walk around the Tamaki River it was tiring.We also went on a trip to Eastern beach.At Eastern beach we had Lunch and a swim.

I have also enjoyed reading school journals with my teacher, answering questions in the book was fun and easy.

This year has been a really fun year because I have learnt a whole lot of new things on my netbook and have had fun discovering a new digital way of learning,

Yvette's end of year reflection

Art -When we do art we are not just painting we are also learning maths at the same time. When room 5 made a Fredriek Vordemberge Gildewart painting we needed to rule 5x5 centimetre squares and number coordinates in the squares. I like doing art because I like maths and I love to paint. Art is my favourite subject. Netbooks- Room 5 has learnt how to access different sites on our netbooks. We have learnt how to use,, and wallwisher. I like using these sites because it is fun educational activities and once you know how to use the site properly you can expand your knowledge with other people. Production - When we made our production costumes we combined art with crafting to make our costumes and animals. I loved making props because we had a part in making our own costumes and in the end our costumes turned out really good. We also performed on stage in front of an audience. I believe that helped us a lot with our production because we had a chance to perform and work together as a class. Sport - In room 5 we go out as a class and do class sports. I like doing sports in my class because we get to have some outdoor time and sports is fun. We get to play cricket, ripa rugby and a lot more fun games. It is good to do some sports once and a while because it keeps us fit and healthy and we get to learn how to play the games properly. Drama - Nearly every thursday we get to do drama with Miss Eeles. I like doing drama with Miss Eeles because we get to learn how to play fun educational activities and we love doing them. Also we learn how to keep our balance and stay steady when we do drama with Miss Eeles.

Thomas' end of year reflection

End of year reflection by Thomas Maths - This year Miss Paton has told me about a maths website called math whizz. math whizz has taught me how to add and subtract negative and positive numbers. I first got it wrong but in math Whizz you get hints and if you continuously get it wrong math whizz will answer it for you, telling you how to get the answer. math whizz also lets you redo lessons, trying to improve your score and time. I have done it over and over again and I am finally getting better. When you complete a lesson you get credits. Using credits you can buy toys, plants and even pets from the shop. My favourite pet is the boy dragon. E-Learning - E-Learning is still new to me, even though I have been using it for nearly a year. I have gotten used to typing instead of writing. I am familiar with google drive, floorplanner, lucid charts, kiwi kids news. They are all writing websites. The Math Websites we use are math whizz, xtra maths, studyladder and sumdog. Once a year, we head out to the Hoyts cenima in Sylvia Park for the manaiakalani film festival. We have to make movies and then we get to watch ours and other schools. Our movie this year was called Learning to Inspire. I was Alexander Graham Bell, Inventor of the first telephone. Sports - Our school took part in the orienteering competition in May. We were given a map, a compass and a piece of paper that we had to put the marks on. I usually came second or third and only came first once. This term we had cricket. We were taught how to hold the bat and the other weeks were just games. We won one, the other team won one and on the final game it was a tie. Conclusion - These were some of the highlights of my year in room five. These are the reasons why. I liked maths because it is not only exciting and fun but it will also help you in life. I like E-learning because it is easier than writing and we don’t have to waste trees making paper. I like sports because when you become a sports player and represent the world you can become famous.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tim's Netbook Reflection

Here is Tim's Netbook reflection on who has helped him with his learning this year.

My Netbook Reflection By Fine

Netbook Reflection 2013

How has having a netbook connected to the internet helped my learning this year?

Can you tell us about something you have discovered and learnt by yourself this year?
This year I have learnt how to create a prezi by myself. A prezi is a site where you can put down steps on how to complete something for example instructions on how                             to make a sandwich easy as that. Once I had finished I shared it onto my blog by embedding a code. Then I wrote an interpretation on what a prezi is and how i created it. I learnt how to create a prezi at home during the holidays, because continuing school work on the holidays will help you improve with getting to the national standard.

What special thing have you learnt from your teacher this year?
My teacher Miss Paton showed me how to create a floorplan of our ideal classroom using the website floorplanner. This website helps people who are wanting to renovate or decorate their room or house. Floorplanner has a lot of objects that you can choose to have inside your room for example couches, chairs and much more. There is a place at the top of the site letting you have the option of choosing your room to be 2D or 3D. You can create your room with a birds eye view. Using a bird’s eye view helped me by seeing where all the objects are. After I had finished my floorplan Miss Paton printed it out and put it on our classroom wall. Something I liked about floorplan is there are variety of colours and options of furniture you can choose. When visitors come inside Room 5 they can see my floorplan and also other classmates floorplans. First we had made a draft on paper making sure we knew what we wanted in our ideal classroom.

What have you learnt from someone outside of your classroom this year
This year I showed my brother Leopote a website called Sumdog. Sumdog helps your learning with Maths. He has increased his learning with Maths since the last time he had gone on Sumdog or had completed a maths activity. Sumdog is a virtual site where you can have your own avatar.

How have you helped other kids learn this year?
This year I helped a few of Room 5’s  year 5 classmates. I helped them create a blog post. A blog post is when one of our students put one of their pieces of work on display to show the whole world. A blog post would go on their individual blog to showcase to the world. You can see which countries have showcased your work by looking at the top of my blog or on the side.

Caitlin's Netbook Reflection

This is my Netbook Reflection. I have written about all the things that has helped me with my netbook.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

C3 Church Party Collage By Raymond

I had a great time at the C3 Church Party. I hope you enjoy my black and white collage.

C3 Church Party Collage By Fine

Check out my collage on the C3 Church Party. We had a  wonderful time and had lots of fun.

Room 5's Favourite Ice cream flavours By Lani

Vanillia was room 5's favourite choice of flavour, I think it was favoured because its a yummy simple tasting ice cream. Chocoalte and goody goody gum drops were the second most favourable flavours. I think room 5 likes them because everybody loves chocoalte and goody goody gums is full of lollies. Only one person liked banana, I think this is because banana is a fruit and ice cream is sweet and not many people like mixing healthy foods with sweet things. Two people choose strawberry as the thier favourite ice cream I think this is because not many people like to eat bright coloured foods.

My Collage on the C3 Church Party By San Tat

This is my collage on the c3party at Panmure Bridge School.
I made this collage, it was very easy. If you want to make this collage you need to go on Then you need to choose how many boxes you you want.
You need to choose photos and drag them in the box.
This is how I made my collage.      

Statistical Investigation: Room 5's Birthdays By Lavinia

This is my graph on room 5's birthday's
Miss Paton said that we had to do a statistical investigation. We got to chose a topic and I chose room 5's birthday's. Then we had to do a graph, The highest month is May, the reason why it is so high because lots of people we born on May. The least highest was January because not that many people were born in January. My favourite month is July because my birthday is celebrated during this month.  

How to make a rainbow By Ducati

These are the instructions for making a rainbow using water, food colouring and salt.

My What's for Lunch? presentation By Yvette

This is my What's for Lunch? presentation. We needed to pick ingredients from the budget priced sandwich list, the medium priced sandwich list and the premium priced sandwich list. When we had finished picking our foods and  fillings we needed to add the total amount we spent on our sandwiches. Then we needed to work out how much it will cost to eat your budget priced sandwich, medium priced sandwich and premium priced sandwich for 4 days, 5 days, 21 school days of November and 193 school days for the entire year. You will find my strategies and answers in my presentation. I HOPE YOU ENJOY! :-)

What's for Lunch? By Tim

This is my What's For Lunch Presentation. We had to do a type of sandwich like Premium Subway sandwich, Low Cost Budget Sandwich and Medium Priced Sandwich. We had to do that in any order. After that we had to add up the total and show our strategy. After we had to figure out how much would it cost for a sandwich in 5 school days in a week. Then we had to figure out something trickier than the 5 days in a week, we had to figure out how much would it cost for the entire month of November. Then we had to do something even more trickier than the 5 days in a week and the entire month of November, we had to figure out how much it would cost for the whole entire year. 

Friday, November 29, 2013

The C3 Church Party

On Saturday November 9th we had our C3 Church Party held at school. It was a fun day out for the whole family. There was lots of yummy food and entertainment. Check out our photo collages made into an animoto. We hope you enjoy watching our presentation.

Copy of C3 Church Party

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Animoto Presentation using Tamaki River Photos

Tamaki River
This is my Animoto Presentation on our Tamaki River walk. We walked around the Panmure Basin and did part of the Rotary Walk way. I hope you like my presentation.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My trip at the Tamaki River By Raymond

My adventure on the  Tamaki River Walk
One  sunny day on November 5th the seniors went on an adventure to the Panmure Basin and the Pakuranga Rotary Walkway. When we were walking around we did some exercise on the fitness equipment at the Panmure Basin. When we were walking we were all tired but we still had to keep going until we got to the skate park. While we were walking people were asking Miss Paton “When is it morning tea?”. She said “Another half and hour”. I said to myself I wish I was at the skatepark, I am so hungry. After asking Miss Paton about morning tea we were all whining. We finally got there and we started to eat our lunch. I said “Yes, finally!”

Then we left the skate park and walked across the bridge. When we went down this man was cleaning the boat. When we went passed him It was like toxic gas coming out of the hose.  I ran to the front and I waited for the others. When we were half way people were tired,  they wanted to stop and have a break. So we did.

After that Room 6 left us behind and we buddied up with Room 8. Then me and my buddy were playing eye spy while we were catching up to Room 6, but they  kept moving  faster and faster. We caught up to them but they took off. We started walking faster and faster and then we got to pakuranga yacht club .  We finally caught up to Room 6.

Then we had lunch and Room 6 saw a snakes and ladder game. When they went on the slide their shorts were dirty and even the slide was filled with mud and bugs. People did not care if they got dirty and even the ladder was slippery from the mud and rain . When I finished my lunch I ran to the snakes and ladder. First I went to the ladder and it felt like goo.  When I went on the slide it was  muddy, slippery and dirty. When I went down I got dirty and then I went back down and played with Thomas. We were playing with dices. Then we saw two buses coming in and then we waited for the third bus. It finally came and then we headed back to school for a refreshing ice block.  We went back to class and I said “That was an exciting adventure” .

Room 5's Favourite Animals By Tim

This is my Statistical Investigation. Four students (Including Miss Paton) in Room Five voted for the Koala, Two voted for the Platypus, Four students voted for the Tasmanian Devil, Five voted for the Kangaroo and Fifteen voted for the Panda.. I think why the students voted for Panda the most is because it is cute. I think why the students voted the Platypus the least because they haven't seen one. I worked with Jhardae. 

Oh S'mar's Rotary Walkway Experience

Rotary Walkway
Last Tuesday the seniors of Panmure Bridge School went on the the Tamaki river walk. It was sunny in the morning and windy. It was a long tremendous walk, everyone was exhausted. First we went to Pakuranga,  I thought we would start on the left side but we started on the other side instead. The people who took photo’s did a good job. After we went on the bridge, first some people were scared because it was their first time across the bridge. Once we had past the bridge we saw this obstacle course. Room 8 and room 5 went on the course. Everyone was excited to go on the course. We carried on walking until we got to the skate park.

We had morning tea at the skate park and we got 5 mins to play. We carried on walking, the people who had the cameras had to change and give others a turn. I was one of the people that got to hold the camera. I took  photos of the water, birds, bridges and many more things. After that we carried on walking until we had a 10 minute break. We had to pair up with the room 8 children and look after them until we got to the end of our walk. We had walked about 5.5 km by the time we stopped for lunch. Everyone was so excited. I went to the slides with Patrick it was awesome because it was a big tall slide that went very fast. After that it started to pour down with rain everyone was disappointed and sad. We were waiting for our bus. I saw a cloud that look like a big grey dragon. The sun came up and everyone rushed to the slides and the playground to have one quick last play.

The bus came and we were all sad that we had to go back to school and do work. Once we got on the bus people were sleeping we were all so tired and happy that we had walked for about 5 hours. When we got back to school we had a nice cold ice block, it was delicious. We all went back to our classes and wrote about our day. It was a fun day.    
The end.


My Time at the Rotary Walkway By Yvette

Rotary Walkway

It was a beautiful, calm and cold morning. I had arrived at school early for our school trip around the Rotary Walkway. My wonderful teacher Miss Paton called out the roll to see who was away and who was at school. We needed to say if we were staying or leaving to go on the trip. Our whole class except John and Jasmine went on the trip. Rooms 5,6,7 and 8 went on the school trip around the rotary walkway and the Tamaki basin. The senior school gathered their bags and sunhats. We met on the court to see how many children were staying at school and where to send the people that weren’t going on the trip to a junior class.

All the classes left at the same time. Mrs Kirkpatrick and her class walked in the front. Mrs Anderson was behind our class. Rooms 5,6,7 and 8 walked around the Tamaki basin first. We walked all the way from our school to the Tamaki basin. We arrived at the Tamaki basin(finally). Mrs Kirkpatrick's class walked a lot faster than our class. They were way in front of our class. We walked halfway around the basin. My legs were burning. I felt like lying on the pathway. There were exercise stops around the basin. We didn’t get to try out any of them because our teacher didn’t let us.

Unfortunately, halfway around the basin it started to rain. It was pouring, I was so soaked. We had 4 camera people in our class taking pictures. The first 4 were Fine, Angel, Samantha and Caitlin. They did a good job. We finally finished walking around the whole basin. Hipi.  At the end of the tracks there was a skatepark .That is where all the classes stopped for morning tea. I was so happy and astonished. I thought we were never going to stop.

I sat down and ate my sausage roll, my pizza bread and drank some water. After I had finished eating, I sat down until we were asked to leave. We had 20 minutes of morning tea. 20 minutes passed and Mrs Kirkpatrick asked us to pack away our food and get ready to walk the Rotary Walkway. I walked mostly with my best friend Fine around the Rotary Walkway.. The rotary walkway was so long. I was so hungry. We walked for about 5.5 kilometres until we finished the track. The Tamaki River had an amazing view. The river was in high tide so you could see how beautiful and how extraordinary the Tamaki River is. We almost made it halfway around the Rotary Walkway. We stopped at a small carpark area.

Miss Paton called out the roll to see if anyone was missing. Rooms 5,7 and 8 had a 10 minute rest at the tiny car park area. Our teachers decided to buddy up our class with a room 8 kid. I was buddied up with Iris. Sadly, the Room 8 kids slowed us down. After everyone in Room 5 was paired up with a Room 8 student we would carry on our trip to the end of the Rotary Walkway. We walked for about 30 minutes until we reached the end of our walk. We stopped at the Pakuranga Sailing Club. The Pakuranga Sailing club had a huge open field where we could eat our lunch and play games, it also had a weird training park. There was also another park called “Snakes and Ladders”.
Unfortunately, it started to pour with rain. We were forced to go under shelter. Students started to leave the shaded shelter to play games. Lots of people played on the weird training park.. They didn’t care if it was wet. I walked around the field. We need to wait until the 3 buses came to pick us up to drop us off at school. 2 buses had arrived at the Pakuranga Sailing Club. We needed to wait for 1 more buses to come. I had tried all the training exercises. The last exercise felt weird. The exercise helps build up muscles in your upper thighs and legs.

The last bus had arrived.. Room 6, 7 and 8 abounded the first 2 buses.
Miss Paton thought we had our own bus but we needed to share with Room 9. The bus took us back to school. That was our time at the Rotary Walkway.

Room 5's Favourite Sports By Sant Tat and John

Me and my buddy San Tat asked room 5 what their favourite sport was, the most popular sport was soccer. I think that soccer was most popular because it is a fun sport and isn't a rough sport like rugby. The least favourite sport was a tie between rugby, cricket and AFL. I think that those are the least favourite chosen sports because we don't usually play those sports at school. 

Caitlin's Recount on the Tamaki River Walk

Tamaki Walkway

It was a calm and cold day. I woke up ready for a massive walk around the Panmure Basin and the Rotary Walkway. When I arrived at school it was sunny. All the classes lined up on the court. Rooms 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 came on the trip.  I felt excited that we were going for a walk. We walked up the driveway. Lavinia, Mrs Eeles and myself were playing a game. The game goes like this, you have to pick a colour (My colour was silver) and if a car comes pass and it is silver that means you get 1 point and it carries on. The game finishes when someone gets 20 points.

When we arrived at the basin Miss Paton gave Angel, Fine and myself a camera to take photos. I took a lot of photos because I wanted to remember the trip. When we got to the basin we had to walk over the bridge. I felt scared because it felt like the bridge was going to collapse. When we got half way around the basin I felt so exhausted. It was like my legs were just going to fall off. Finally we were at the skatepark. We had our morning tea but we only had 20 minutes of morning tea. I decided to have my muesli bar and a drink. “20 minutes is up everybody so could you please line up in the same order as we did before” said Ms Kirkpatrick

It was time to start our walk around the Pakuranga Rotary Walkway. We had to walk across the Panmure Bridge, while we walked across my friend Fine’s hat was blown away on the middle of the road. Everybody started laughing because cars would drive over it and the hat would go back and forth. The next class came past and one of their students lost their hat as well but instead of it going on the road it went in the water so she couldn’t get it back. When we were walking down the hill to the yot club we saw a man spraying his boat, it stunk really bad. Everybody was blocking their nose because of how smelly it was. We walked up a little hill. At the top there was a street but it was a no exit street.

We started walking around, my legs felt like they were just going to fall off. Room 6 was way ahead of us because they were really fit. When we got to this little area where you could sit down Mrs Anderson said that “We need to walk together because Room 6 were way ahead of us”. Room 5 got buddied up with a Room 8 person. My partner was Nazella, she was very funny. “I hope it doesn’t rain” she said. It started to pour down with rain. I was as  cold as an Iceblock. Finally we arrived at the Pakuranga Rotary Yacht Club. It wasn’t raining but unfortunately it started to pour down with rain even more than before.

We had to go to where the shelter was. A lot of people were using the exercise equipment. The exercise equipment was very weird, but it was very good for you. We were all waiting for the 3 buses to arrive. 10 minutes later 2 buses had arrived. We had to wait for the 3rd bus to come. “FINALLY IT’S HERE” I shouted. Miss Paton thought that we had our own bus to ourselves but we didn’t. We had to share with Room 9. After the 5.5 kilometer walk I felt exhausted. I just couldn’t wait to go home and relax.

Fine and Angel's Statistical Investigation: Ethnicities in Room 5

My partner Angel & I worked on our Statistical Investigation today. The whole class were given instructions on how to complete a Statistical Investigation properly. The least amount of Ethnicities in room 5 are Kiribati, Chinese, Burmese, and Afghani. The most amount of students ethnicity is Maori. I think that there are more Maori students in room 5 because Maori's are Native To New Zealand. There were a total of 12 Maori students in Room 5. There is 1 Kiribati, Chinese, Afghani and Burmese student in Room 5. 

Room 5's Favourite Sports By Patrick

Today I have chosen 5 sports for room 5 to choose they were Rugby, Soccer, Netball, Cricket & Baseball. The sport that room 5 chose the most was soccer because there is a after school program for kids to learn how to play soccer. 
The least favourite sport was Rugby because it might be very hard and a very deadly sport. 

Yvette's and Lavinia's Statistical Investigation on Room 5's favourite Sports

This is mine and Yvette's graph on room 5's favourite sports.
The most popular spot in the class is soccer. It is the favourite because we ave an after school soccer program. 
The least favourite sport in the class is touch. It is the least favourite because not much people like getting hit and they may have other favourite sports.    

Room 5's Favourite Movies By Thomas

Pacific Rim was the favourite because 11 people liked it. I think it was the best movie because of awesome special effects, making the big, bulky robots come to life. The least favourite movies were The Smurfs, Harry Potter and Batman. I think that they were the least favourite because The Smurfs are animations, Harry Potter is more of a fantasy than action and Batman is not really a favourite. The movies that are liked by the same amount of people are The Smurfs, Batman and Harry Potter.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thomas' Homework

Yvette's Water Cycle

This is my Water Cycle picture.Our class has been asked to draw a picture of where rain comes from. I have drawn a picture of the sun drying the oceans water and the water is rising into the sun. After that happens the water is turned into water. That is what my picture is about.

Tim's Water Cycle Picture

This is my Water Cycle Picture. I have Collection, Evaporation, Condensation and Precipitation. I used google drawing on google drive. 

Harry's Homework Presentation

This is my Homework presentation.

Raymond's Special Effects Collage

This is my collage that I did my teacher had found this site and come visit it and make your own collage go to

Caitlin's Book Review

This is my Book Review.

Monday, November 18, 2013

San Tat's Special Effect Photo Collage

This is my photo on I very like my photo because I've got black and white photos.
I very like my photo the one that I'm on the Bridge. If you want to do the photo like my you can do it.
1 you need to go on and you click on collage. 2 you need to choose how many boxes you want but I chose 13 boxes. 3 then you need to choose photos that you want. 4 if you finish choosing your photos then you need to drag and drop them. Then you finish your photo collage.      

Yvette's Homework

This is my homework answers and strategies.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Manaiakalani Film Festival: Learning to Inspire

Anything is possible when you think big, have dreams and when you have an education. This film highlights the importance in having an education. This movie looks at what famous people have in common and it investigates what education was like in the past and compares how it is now. It also looks at Education in the future and asks the hard question: Will Teachers be replaced by Robots?
Film Festival 2013 Joy from Joy Paton on Vimeo.

Monday, November 11, 2013

My presentation on the Tamaki River By Caitlin

This is my presentation on the Tamaki River.

My Photo Collage of our Tamaki River Trip By Tim

This is my Collage on Tamaki River. Miss Paton showed us this website where you can do a collage like me. I got the Tamaki River photos that Miss Paton shared to us. The border is waves. I used the waves border because that relates to the Tamaki River. It was really fun making the collage of Tamaki River. We used the website

My Photo Collage By Harry

This is my collage fotor on the Tamaki River. There are 7 different photos.

My Presentation on the Tamaki River By Angel

This is my presentation on the Tamaki River. I put in where the Tamaki River starts and where the Tamaki Rived ends. I also put in what kinds of things to do at the Tamaki River.

My Photo Collage By Raymond

This is my collage that I did it. Miss Paton showed us this site and we made our collage and then Miss Paton printed it and now it is on our wall come check this out in Room 5.

My Collage on the Tamaki River By John

This is my picture that I had done on We could pick any picture that we took on the Tamaki River.

My Tamaki River Collage By Cyprus

This is my photo that I did on We could do any picture that Miss Paton took of us at the Tamaki River. I put photos on like frames and this website is called

My Photo Collage By Zeba

This is my photo collage hope you like it it is about our trip to Tamaki River. :D

My Collage of our trip to the Tamaki River By Caitlin

This is my Collage of Room 5s walk around the Tamaki Walkway. Mrs Eeles was one of our parent helpers so was Emmy Grady.

My presentation on the Tamaki River By Yvette

This is  my presentation on the Tamaki River.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Results on Xtra Maths By Oh S'mar

These are my results from Xtra Maths. I think I need to learn all my Subtraction facts and get to Multiplication. I need to type faster.

Reon's Homework

Today we presented our Homework I showed my class the dogs and chickens task I found that task very easy to do and it helped me with my maths.

My Tamaki River Popplet By Samantha

This is my Popplet about the Tamaki River. I think that we need to look after the Tamaki River because it can get polluted.

Thomas' Homework Presentation

This is my presentation on my homework for Week 2 Term 4.

My Homework Presentation By Lavinia

This is my homework presentation week 2 term 4.
The problem  found hard was the dogs and chickens one but in the end I got the answer.
The part I found the easiest was the triangle on because you can see the answer to the answer that problem.   

My Homework Week 2, Term 4

This is my homework presentation. I believe I have done well on my dogs and chickens problem problem because I have answered them correctly.  I also answered task number 1 correctly and task number 2. I found that the toothpick task complicated. I found it hard because I didn't know were to start taking away toothpicks.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tim's Comment to Room 1

                                            This is my comment to room 1. Room 1 is awesome. It was a shame that we couldn't see their blog at assembly

Voyage of Exploration Fine's Reading Follow up task

Sapphire Group
Title: Voyage of Exploration
Connected 2012

Learning Intention
I am learning to find information in the text
I am learning to link prior knowledge and experiences to the texts I read

Comprehension Questions

1. What are the NIWA Scientists doing?
The NIWA scientists spy on a mysterious world teeming with strange life.

2. Why is there a camera on the ship?
The camera helps the NIWA scientists discover new animals and new plants under water.

3. Describe the seabed
The sea bed looks like fine, brittle stalks, growing in clumps. FIshers call it the wire weed. But this is no weed. Each stalk is actually a hollow tube, built by the worm that lives inside it.

4. What is the weed and how does it support other sea life?
The weed is called the seabed, fishers call it the wire weed. The worm meadow that lives inside the seabed supports a whole range of life. Young sea perch dart in and out. Sea quiets attach themselves to the wire weed and filter the water passing through their own bodies, drawing out small particles of food from it.

5. Describe the feather stars
Walking feather stars retract their arms when disturbed.

6. What new information has been gained from the voyage?
The voyage has found new information about the habitats and distributions of many different species, including species we didn’t even know existed.

7. What is the DTIS?
DITS is to explore the world beneath the waves. DITS is short for Deep Towed Imaging System.

8. How does the DTIS work and why use it?
The DTIS works at a very slow pace, allowing the system’s cameras to capture images of any marine life.

9. Describe the process in sorting the animals.
The technicians who work with the scientists divide the animals and plants into groups or piles ( each plant and animal will have its own pile or group).

10. What is a taxonomist?
A taxonomist is a biologist who specialises in classifying organisms

11. Why classify the animals?

Because the scientists are better to understand different, how they function, and how they work together in the ecosystem.