Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Viola's letter to Santa

Dear Santa

I have been a good girl this year. I have been helping Miss Paton organize the reading task board with Veisinia. I have helped my older sister baby sitting. I have helped my mum clean the house. In the first term I helped my nice teacher Miss Paton and I hope that I get something. This year I would like art tools, toys, new games for my X box 360 and thing’s for school next year.

From your lovely friend,


Katarake's trip to the museum

My Auckland museum trip
(Weird and wonderful)

Yippee, We got to go inside the Auckland Museum. The people that were in my group were Roswell, Henry, Michael W, Howick and Roswell’s grandma Eva. We had to go inside the Natural discovery area. I saw a kiwi, penguin, eggs of penguins and other animals. I really liked the birds that were hanging up.

When I went inside the cave I was scared because I thought that there was a scary thing inside it. When I finished going inside the cave I saw some geckos that were inside a big glass box. The next place we went to was the land and sea history. I saw a fish, sharks, crabs and all living creatures that are in the oceans. While we were walking to the volcano room I saw a lobster under a glass. We were able to walk on the glass that the lobster was hiding under.

After that we went into the place that had volcano’s inside. We had to go inside the volcano room to watch this movie and the floors moved when the volcano erupted. I was shocked when the floor had moved.
The next thing we saw were about people making cups. The cups and plates were made by a New Zealand company called Crown Lynne. Then we had to have lunch.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Athletics Sports By Veisinia & Chantelle

We couldn’t believe our eyes! On Friday the 18th of November Panmure Bridge School did Athletics to stay fit and to keep healthy. The athletics we had were, Jump Jam, high jump, Discus, Shot put, Relays and 400 metre race. The first Athletic event was Jump Jam. When were inside the hall Mrs Heeps was leading the jump jam. By the time we were inside I felt nervous with all the students around me while I was doing jump Jam. I felt really bored until someone made me laugh which made me feel better. The person who made me laugh was Paenganui because he was dancing crazy so he decided to jump on the stage. When we finished jump jam our next task was to go to high jump. The teachers that were in charge of high jump were Miss Paton and Miss Sayers. First the 10 year olds went first at high jump. I had fun when it was my turn. The first time I did this I jumped over successfully but the second time I didn’t make it, but it still was fun. When Veisinia had her turn twice she was shaking and she was struggling on the third round because it was so hard that she lost. After Veisinia had lost the high jump she went to the discus, she could hardly grip the discus because it was so big for her hand. When Chantelle had her turn at the discus she was like Veisinia not been able to grip the discus but Chantelle and Veisinia still tried their best at the discus. After we had finished the discus we went to Relays. In the first round you had to run 50 metres. I didn’t win the first round but 1 of my friends Veisinia came 3rd place. After the 1st round had finished, it was time for the 2nd round which you had to run 100 metres. Veisinia came 2nd in the second round. I still didn’t win but I never gave up and that’s what makes it fun. When we had finished the relays we went to shotput which was when you had to throw a round ball as far as you could. My ball didn’t go far but I still had fun. Finally the 400 meter race was here. Veisinia didn’t know what place she came in but I know that she won because I was watching her. It was the best day ever.

My trip to the Auckland Museum, By Cody L

On November 1st, Rooms’ 5, 6, 7 and 8 went on a trip to the museum. When the bus got there we got put in groups with teachers and parents. I got put into Miss Paton group. Silas, Jonathan, Chantaelle and Viola were in the same group as me. When we were done we went to the hall with rooms 6 and 7. Then we got on the bus to go to the museum.

When we got to the museum, we had to go around the museum to find the door to go inside the museum. When we found the door to the museum we went inside and went upstairs to have morning tea. When we finished our morning tea, we went to the Natural Discovery area. In there were dinosaurs, eggs, bats, a kiwi and a big bird called a moa. The moa is a flightless bird and it’s eggs are really big. One egg could feed one classroom full of children. Then we had to answer some questions. After this we went to the land and sea area. In there we went into a cave to find glow worms and some birds in a tall tree. We found the glow worms but not all of the birds.

After that we went to the sea area. In there were fossils and shells. Inside the land and sea area was a water tank with some fish and a lobster. We took a photo of the water tank. Then we took some more photos at land and sea area. After this we went to the volcano room. In there was a house and two rocks that could make music. We went in the house and watched a movie about a volcano erupting. The room started to shake and people started to scream. When we were done in the room, we had lunch outside the museum. We climbed up a tree and saw the Sky Tower. When we finished eating our lunch, we continued our museum visit. We went to the wild child area. There was a tree house with some stuff in it and an ape. Down at the down bottom of the tree house were rabbits and a ferret. After that we went to the music room. It was full of instruments like a piano, violins and flutes.Then we went to the Maori court and it had a very long Waka. We also went to the Marae. We had to take off our shoes. We went inside the Marae to have a rest and Miss Paton told us where we were going to.

Then we went to this theatre called the All Blacks exhibition. The movie was about the Maori All Blacks and rugby. The movie was telling us that when a person wears a number on a Rugby jersey it gets passed on to a different person, when that person is injured or when they retire from the game. The number / jersey does not belong to one person. After that we all met in the grand foyer. Miss Paton counted our heads to see if we were all there, so we could go back to school. I wanted to stay at the museum a bit longer, but we had to go back to school. We all had to go on the bus and I fell asleep on the way back. It was such a great day visiting the Auckland Museum.

My treasure by Michael W

These are my treasures. They are crystals they help me sleep. My favourite is the purple Amethyst.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Athletics Day By Jonathan

Yes it is Athletics day! All the classes got ready for it but we had to sit and get in a line. First we went to jump jam and we had fun at jump jam. We had to go to high jump next. I didn’t do this but it was cool. The high jump was cool, the last two to jump were Cody N and Jarred. Cody won the high jump. We then went to discus, it was like a big Iid. It was morning tea and we played hand ball. After our break we went to do the 75 metre race then we went to softball throw.
My favourite thing to do that day was discus because it was fun flinging my arms around and seeing how far I could throw it.

Phoenix's Treasure

This my treasure photo that was taken of me when I was jet boating with my Dad in Taupo. I hope you like it.

Jarred's time at the Museum

Hooray we were going to the Museum on Tuesday November 1st 2011. In my group I had: Kobe, Addnan, Cody N, Jacob and my dad Craig was in my group. We went to the Museum, because we were learning about treasure. I was so excited to go to the Museum. The first place we went to was the Maori part of the Museum. We saw a huge Waka with a carving and with lots and lots of seats.

The next place we went to was the Natural discovery place of the Museum. There were: Moas, Kiwis, Penguins, Birds, Fosils and Dinosaurs. We saw different types of birds.

The next place we went to was the swamp. There was a bird hiding in the grass and there was a fake bird in the water swimming in the water.

After that we went and had our lunch. We got to play bull rush it was heaps of fun.

Then if we were finished our lunch, we were allowed to have some free time and just look at different stuff. But only on the first floor. I enjoyed looking at the exhibits. Then we had to go back to school on the bus. I wish we could go back to the Museum again.