Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Night Flight to Venus Dance Item

Welcome to the Night Flight Venus Dance Item. This movie is divided up into two parts. The first part focused on what we have learnt on the Planet Venus. The News team of Yvette,
Oh S'mar, Rooney and Germaine seek answers from Caitlin and Fine our Astronauts who have just come back from the Planet Venus.
The second part focuses on these dancing stars-(the whole class) that were seen on the Planet Venus. Check out our dance.

The Night Flight to Venus song is by Boney M and the transition song Spaceman is by Babylon Zoo.


animationnationpbs/Kori said...

Hi Room 3, i Love the Music you have added to Your Dance Item. Awesome job that You have done! Keep Up the Great Work

Gabriel said...

Hi Room3 i loved you play its beautiful and i love the music its spacey see you around at school.

Keriann said...

Hey kids

That was great i loved that music movie the music the dance was amazing. Awesome work. Did it take long?

keep the Awesome Work up.

Raeleigh said...

Hi, it's Raeleigh from Rm6 PBS I liked how you guys did your speechs.

Manaiakalani said...

Hi Room 3, You are a VERY clever class! I loved seeing all your costumes on the previous post and now I have been able to see you wearing them in this movie.
I greatly admired all the the people who learned their speaking parts so well. You had all kinds of interesting things to share about the planets Venus,
And I could see you all had heaps of fun with your dance. Well done to all of you - AND your clever teacher:)
Mrs Burt