Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Gingerbread Man Story By Pace

Always wanted to know what happened to the Gingerbread Man. Then check out Pace's retelling of this wonderful story


Room 10 Grey Lynn said...

Hi Pace,
Your gingerbread man looks cool. I'm wondering what the gingerbread man tastes like. I bet it tastes nice!
From Xavier.

Jeru and Jaime said...

Hi Pace, cool gingerbread man story. I wonder if the wolf liked the taste of the gingerbread man? Would you want to eat it? I would. The gingerbread man must be fast to run away from all of them.
From Jeru and Jaime

Robbie and Anton said...

Hello Pace,
Great retelling of the gingerbread man story and awesome picture. It looks really like a gingerbread man.
From Robbie and Anton.