Saturday, May 14, 2011

Literacy Maths: Going on Holiday

Plan your holiday to the Gold Coast in Australia.

You will be leaving during the October school holidays. The date you will depart New Zealand is: October 8, and the date you will be departing Australia-Gold Coast is October 16th.

Research the cost of a return trip from New Zealand to Australia.
When you visit the flight sites click on: 1 Adult.

You can choose whether you want to have a snack, meal or movies on your flights.

Each day, you need to be doing something e.g. Visiting a Theme park, Shopping, Zoo, Museum, etc.

The theme parks in the Gold Coast are: Sea World, Movie World, Dream World, Wet n Wild. Find out the cost of park admission, you can easily get in as child when you visit these websites. Sometimes you might get two theme parks as a combo deal, which might be a cheaper option. Your Aunt will provide you with breakfast each day and three evening meals. The rest of the time you will have to purchase your own lunch each day and five evening meals.

The cost of the bus will be $11.00 return to and from your attractions.

The Shuttle Bus from and to the airport will be $18 return for a child. Unfortunately your Aunt and Uncle don't have a car.

A blank Itinerary template will be given to you.
If theme parks are not for you, maybe type into Google: Things to do in the Gold Coast. You might be able to schedule a City and Sights Tour, a Beaches Tour, etc.

Enjoy planning for your virtual holiday. I wish it was true, but the skills you learn from this activity can be applied later on in your life. Planning a holiday is very rewarding and some of you maybe inspired to visit the Gold Coast when you're older if you have not already been there.

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