Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Veisinia's Print Making

This is my print making I did in room 5. I had lots of fun.


Anonymous said...

Hi Veisinia:

Nicola typing I have to say I really
like you're print it's very colourful
to me i have to say. Keep up the
good work.


Daniel said...

Hi Veisinia i love your real colourful nice bright print making you made in your class It sounds like you were so busy.1 more thing keep it up!

Emily said...

Kia ora Veisinia it's me Malisi your cousin , I was wondering how you did that and i wished i made it too.

zeke said...

Wow! Your printmaking looks natural and real cool. P.s. I just want to tell you that your Teacher Miss Paton is so creative.