Monday, October 3, 2011

My cube making by Kifi

My cube making experience

On Monday Miss Paton told room 5 that Mrs Walter's was coming to our class. When she arrived she started talking about 3-D shape's. Then we started talking about the cube. She said "The cube has 6 faces, 8 vertices and 12 edges. Then we got given 12 tooth picks, kebab skewers and eight wine gums. Then we got told to make a cube with the skewers and wine gums. My buddy was Tyler and we were really fast at making the cube. Mrs Walter's said "Take it apart and measure it using a ruler”. We measured in centimetres. Mine and Tyler's cube was 84 centimetres altogether. Each edge of the cube was 7 centimetres long.


Jarred said...

Hi Kifi,
I like your 3D nets story I didn't know much about 3D shapes but you told me about them

Anonymous said...

Hi Kifi

I really liked your exciting story about making 3D cubes. I felt really hungry when I saw the wine gums on the picture.

Anonymous said...

Hi kifi

I really liked your cube making story and how you used capital letters and fullstops .