Friday, March 9, 2012

My Adventure to Eastern Beach

On the 27 of February the whole school went to Eastern Beach for a picnic. When I arrived at school Miss Paton was calling out the roll
finally we lined up outside and started walking down the school drive way. When we were down the drive way we had to wait for the bus. It was late. We were waiting for ages. It took a while but the bus finally arrived. Everybody shouted !!HOORAY!! with happy voices. Room 6 walked on the bus first then it was Room 5 my class I was sitting next to my friends Liantre and Angel. Finally we were at Eastern Beach. I was so excited. I nearly ran off but I didn’t. I stayed with the group me and Angel were standing together in line together.
When we were told to sit down and have our morning tea I was eating my cookie yum yum. Then it was time for
Mr Johnston to do the safety rules. After Mr Johnston finished telling us the safety rules we were able to play. Me and Angel were playing together we didn’t know what to do, so we went to sit down with Angel’s auntie. We were sitting in the shade, there was a nice breeze coming our way. Finally Mr Johnston called out the first class for swimming. Room 1 were to go into the water for a swim. We were waiting for ages but then it was Room 5’s turn to swim. I didn’t go for a swim because I didn’t fell like it. I was playing on the sand and watching my class go for a swim. I was building a sandcastle with a moat filled with water and windows. I thought it was awesome, unfortunately my class had to get out. Finally my auntie and my baby cousin arrived. I ran up to my baby cousin and gave him a big hug. I went to go and sit down with them. They
bought chips, drink, rolls. The rolls had chicken and ham. they were delicious. I also had my school lunch. My baby cousin was walking around everywhere. I went to go and see Taryn and Alazay they were making a mermaid in the sand. It looked really cool then my friend Fine came. Alazay let me name the mermaid, so I used all of our names and named it Alazay Daphne Matilda Edwards. After we made the mermaid we decorated it with earrings and a sandy belt. It looked really awesome and then I went to sit down with my baby cousin. 1 hour later sadly it was time to go. I said bye to my baby cousin and went with my class. I went to line up. I sat at the back of Taryn. Miss Paton was calling out the roll to check if everybody was there. Miss Paton asked who wanted an apple.The whole class put their hands up including me. I went to say bye to my family. We had to walk down the road to get to the bus. Finally we reached the bus it was time to go. I had a really great picnic.

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Isabella said...

Hi Caitlin

I loved reading your story it was a lot for a year 5. Well done you did a fantastic job on the eastern beach story. I hope you make more post on your blog and on the class blog KEEP IT UP.