Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Goal Setting, By Nicola

This is what I did on comic life, Comic life is an arty crafty thing. You can do all sorts of amazing things on it, like, Change colours and backgrounds And there are much more things on it that you can do.I had to do some Goal settings. Meaning I had write goals. All of the kids in our class had to do it ( I don't know if everyone has done it yet? )The goals were for: Writing, Reading, Behaviour and Math.I tried to do the comic life correctly but I still think it is good work ifI do say so myself.


Samantha said...

Hi Nicola

You have done a great work on your goal settings and I know that you have worked hard on it well done and keep the good work up


amato said...

hi nicola its Amato I like how you did your goal setting keep the work

joanna douglas said...

Great goal setting sweetie keep up the awsome work im proud of you mum