Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How Far Can Your Paper Plane go? By Fine

Today room 5 made all kinds of darts. They were doing the paper plane challenge outside on the courts. This is everyone's measurements .Piripi came first with the total of 11 .16m this is because the wind was absolutely great and Piripi might of had practice . San Tat had the lowest measurement with the total of 2 meters. My measurement was 3.22m.


Robyn said...

This sounds very exciting! Have you seen the videos of the paper plane guy? He is in the guiness book of records for the world's longest paper plane flight. See if you can find the video of that flight. In my class, my kids made up a whole lot of paper plane challenges and we had a competition day. It was heaps of fun!

Fine said...

Hi Robyn,
Thank you for commenting on my post. I haven't seen the video's of the paper plane guy and haven't seen him on the guiness world records. What year book is he in i'm sure it would help me a lot. But most thank you for commenting on my post.

By Fine