Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Report on Jean Batten By Addnan

Jean Gardner Batten was a famous pilot. She broke a lot of records. She proved that men and women are equal.

Jean Gardner Batten was born on September-15- 1909 in New Zealand, Rotorua. Her mum was an actress and her dad was a dentist. Jean Batten had three brothers but one died at birth. She took piano lessons as her dad wanted her to be a pianist. She wanted to be a pilot so she sold her piano and she went to England with her mother. There she learnt how to fly and got her pilot license.

Jean Batten broke a lot of records. In 1934 she made her first solo flight from England to Australia in the Gypsy Moth Bi-Plane. After the flight she sold the Gypsy Moth and bought a Perciful Gull Six Monoplane. The year after she made the fastest flight from England to South America. While flying from England to South America she made a record for the fastest time crossing the Atlantic Ocean. In 1936 she flew from England to New Zealand setting a record that no one broke for over forty years. Another record she broke was from England to Brazil in the time of 61 hours and 40 minutes setting a world record.

Jean Batten was very sad after hearing that her fiance died after a horrible plane crash. She went looking for him but she didn’t find him. She didn’t get married or engaged after having her fiance dead.

When World War Two was happening, Jean Batten’s flying journeys were over. She was giving lectures in England to raise money for guns and aeroplanes.

She died on 22-November-1982 at the age of 73. She got bitten by a dog and she refused to take medicine. After a while, the wound got worse and was infected.

Jean Batten’s achievements were best remembered after she died. She was a very strong woman during the time and has put New Zealand on the map with aviation.

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Great Report it is going to stay with me for ever because I am Jean Batten's Mother!!!!!