Friday, March 8, 2013

My Little Red Riding Hood Narrative By Thomas

Little Red Riding Hood Once upon a time their was a girl named Little Red Riding Hood. She had a red cloak with a hood that her grandma had knitted for her. “I’ll never take it off,’’ she said and held it tight like it was made of gold. She lived in a cottage with her mum in Bunnie Woods although she never saw any. That day Grandma had fallen ill and Little Red Riding Hood’s mum told her “Little Red Riding Hood Grandma is under the weather so can you please take this custard tart and butter to her”. Since she was a very good girl she said “Yes mummy I will”. So little Red Riding Hood took the basket added some things she needed and skipped off into Bunnie Woods. The reason there were no bunnies in Bunnie Woods was a very good reason indeed. In the woods now lived a wolf. He was very clever and sly and every day he ate a bunnie for dinner. No matter how well the bunnies hid he would smell them out. Just by chance the wolf found her that day he was chasing a bunny when he heard something coming. It sounded like footsteps coming closer every minute. The wolf hid behind a bush and waited until the person was very close then he pounced. He was very suprised to see a little girl with a basket. Just then a cunning plan popped into his head a plan so evil there was no word to describe it. So in a very low voice he said “Hello little girl what are you doing in these woods” and Little Red Riding Hood said “My grandma has fallen ill and my mother has made a custard tart that I have to give to her”. The wolf replied “How about I go ahead and tell granny your coming”. “That would be very kind of you Mr Wolf”. Before Little Red Riding Hood could speak the wolf ran off to granny’s house. When the Wolf got to Granny’s cottage at the end of the woods he knocked on the door. “Who is it.” she asked and the wolf replied “It’s me Little Red Riding Hood” the Wolf answered in a soft voice. “The door is on the latch sweetie” Granny said. The Wolf entered. The curtains were drawn so she couldn’t see him properly. When he was close enough he pounced and swallowed Granny whole. The wolf then put on Grannies spare set of pyjamas and lay in her bed. Not long after Little Red Riding Hood arrived at the cottage and knocked on the door. “The door is on the latch sweetie.” Said the wolf in a soft voice trying to disguise his own. So Little Red Riding Hood entered. The Wolf had drawn the curtains so that she would not see his face. The Wolf said “come closer my dear” as Little Red Riding Hood inched forward the wolf swallowed her whole.She uttered one ear piercing scream before the wolf engulfed her. Luckily a woodcutter was passing by and heard her scream.He ran inside and slit the wolfs stomach. Little Red Riding Hood tumbled out and thanked the woodcutter immediately. So she skipped home and on the way she saw some bunnies for the first time for they knew that the dreaded wolf was dead.

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