Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Should Panmure Bridge School have a cafeteria? By Fine

Should P.B.S have a cafeteria?

Pies, sandwiches, apples, kiwis, YUMMY! Obviously Panmure Bridge School should have a cafeteria, but I’m still wondering why we don’t. This is my argument on why Panmure Bridge School should have a cafeteria.

Argument idea 1: Healthy food
If Panmure Bridge School were to have a cafeteria or a tuck shop, students would be much healthier than they are right now because our cafeteria would have the healthy tick. The Healthy tick would provide food which is healthy. Students would get food that is delicious but at the same time nutritious.

Argument idea 2: Jobs
Secondly , if Panmure Bridge were to have a cafeteria, it could give someone in the community a job or if students are helping at the cafeteria, they could learn how to divide money, cook or give back change.

Argument idea 3: Thinking straight
Thirdly, if every student were to buy food from the cafeteria, every child in the school would not be hungry during the day, and they would be able to think straight.

Overall, three main ideas are mentioned in my argument for why Panmure Bridge school should have a cafeteria. Firstly, healthier food would be provided for the students at Panmure Bridge. Secondly, having a cafeteria could give someone or a student in the community a job and thirdly, when you eat food from the cafeteria you wouldn’t be hungry all day and you would be able to think straight. Those are my main reasons for why Panmure Bridge School should have a cafeteria.☺

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