Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Yvette's fun ideal classroom

This is my ideal classroom. I have included 5 sets of tables for everyone. I have a pet fish in the bottom right corner of the room. I have a room inside a room inside a room. Inside one of the rooms I have a theatre room. I have a large TV and 12 single, comfy couches. In the art room, there is art equipment. In that room I have 2 circle tables and a large sink. I have a projection screen in front of the class with a mat for students to sit on. In the quiet room I have a long table for teachers to take reading groups or record people. I have a few computers next to the quiet room. I also included a table football and a food table. I included a table football, as a fun activity for when you have finished work or if you are behaving well. I have also included a food table for snacks if students and teachers are hungry during class. On my food table there are two large bowls of different kinds of fruit and candy.

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