Friday, October 25, 2013

My Narrative By Yvette

The Tragedy At The Frost’s Home.

The sun was starting to set and Grandma Sophie was just waking up. Grandma Sophie lived in a 2 story house with her kids Violet, David and her husband Jamie Frost. They were a very happy family. Everyone in the neighbourhood knew them. They were called the happy family because they would always play games, laugh, have fun and they would all be nice to everyone they met. One day the happy family took a day off school and work to go see the grand opening of a new fun place called Rainbows End, and also go see the fireworks at Crystal Domain. Rainbows End was the most fun the family has ever had. The family went on all the rides, went to all the cafeterias and shops and they would even spend their spare time at the arcade. Time passed and the family needed to leave to go see the amazing fireworks that is being held at 9:00pm at Crystal Domain. They showed the fireworks at 9:00pm so it would be very dark enough for the fireworks to brighten up the sky even more. The family drove in their Land Rover to Crystal Domain.

Crystal domain was quite far from where they lived. Since the fireworks ended at 4:00am they decided to get an apartment to stay for the night or shall I say morning. The fireworks were stunning, it had the most amazing, beautiful, bright and breath taking view they had ever seen. The Frost family was so happy, the fireworks reminded them of good times when they were young. The family estimated that there was about 500 people there, but that didn’t matter to them. You would be able to see the fireworks from miles away. Families started to leave at midnight, but the Frost family stayed all night until it finished. The family was so tired. They slept from 4:00pm to 12am.

The family woke up from the sound of sirens going off outside of their apartment, they could see the ambulance, fire trucks and police gushing through the city with all their sirens flashing on and off. The family was surprised, hardly any fire departments get called. Jamie began to get worried. He said to his wife and kids “maybe we should go home to see if everything's ok back at home”. The family agreed, they would be heartbroken to see if anyone was hurt in their neighbourhood. The family was very scared. The family drove home and you do not want to know what they saw. Their whole house was on fire. The windows were bursting out into flames, smoke was coming out of the roof, and flames were bursting everywhere. The family could smell the strong smell of smoke and of wood burning. The whole house was falling apart. They could see all the fire trucks, police and ambulance scattering inside the house searching for people. All of the family’s memories and treasures were lost, their photo books and family games. They went to the police and explained, sadly that this was their home that has been destroyed. The family was pouring with tears. Everyone in the neighbourhood heard the terrible accident and tried to help in every way possible. But nothing could cheer the family up except knowing that everyone was keen to help in every way. The family lost everything they loved. All the things that were in the house was irreplaceable. It took a few years for the family to get over the incident. The family settled in a more protective home near crystal domain in the city. The family cherished their new home with love, photos and family games. But no one forgot the incident at the original Frost home. People thought the incident was on purpose, that someone set it on fire. That this was the work of a pyromaniac. But no one will know. This was the sad story of the frost’s home.

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