Friday, October 11, 2013

My time at Latham's House By Thomas

Yesterday I went over to Lathams house for a sleepover. When I arrived we started to play with lego. We made creations and used lathams' dads Iphone to make stop motion. We got bored and started to watch dracula. The 1931 original version. Luckily at the end Van housing stabbed a stake through dracula's heart. When we fell asleep I got nightmares. In the morning Latham and I made toast and eggs. We ate them while playing minecraft on his Xbox. I am not very good at minecraft because I kept getting killed by Skeletons, Zombies, Creepers and falling down holes. Today I came back home and I am sad because I cannot see latham until next week. It was great fun staying with him and I wish I could stay longer.

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Anthony said...

Hey Thomas,
nice story on your holiday.
You must of have a good time.
Probably Latham might come over to your house this time?
But great story on how you spended your holiday, keep up the awesome work!