Thursday, March 19, 2015

Alex's recount on making Chocolate Crackles

Learning intention
I am learning to use a hook to capture audience interest

I was excited because we were making chocolate crackles and Miss Paton said that I was going to help set out the cups along with Liam, Sanujan and Aung Naing so when we all ran out of cups from the packets so all of us went back to the class that was surrounding Miss Paton. Then we discovered she asked Tai, Joel and Riley to do the measuring for the Rice Bubbles in a measuring cup. After that Miss Paton also asked Shailah to measure one cup of coconut into the mixture and Nyjah poured 1 cup of icing sugar into the bowl.Alex, Sharon and Aiden got the job of putting the cocoa into the bowl and joshua poured the kremelta then all of us in the class got a turn to stir the bowl for ten seconds. Avalon, Mele, Hajera and caesar got to fill the cups and Kohatu, Alaree’o, Taylor, Juliet, Nyjah, Jacob, Shailah and Avalon took the chocolate crackles to the fridge.So they got all crunchy when we got them back so when we did they went snap,crackle pop as we put some chocolate crackles into our mouths. They tasted like coconut which I do not like, but the chocolate took over. They tasted better and so I saved the other next one I got for my Mum. Then a few minutes I got another one. There was one more and I knew that my Dad didn’t like coconut and saved that last one for my brothers to halve. I liked them (even though they had coconut) so when I got home I asked my Mum to make some for me and she said yes.

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