Saturday, June 19, 2010

He's back,

By popular demand our friend Toddy is back. He's a little big bigger and as friendlier as ever. On Thursday June 17th, Toddy came to visit Room 3. We also invited the Room 8, children to come along to see Toddy, as most of the class were in Room 3 last year and had built a great relationship with our doggy friend.

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Glenbrae Room 7 said...

Hello Everyone. Toddy looks like a really friendly dog. I hope everyone had a chance to pat him and ask some questions about him.
I really like the way your photos are in a slideshow. Room 7 are going to try this site out to see if we can make a slideshow too.
Mrs Boyer

Room 3 PBS said...

Hi Mrs Boyer and Room 7,

Thank you for making a comment to us about Toddy. Toddy is a big and friendly dog. We were lucky enough pat Toddy outside. Gozan and Creedence were able to give Toddy a Chocolate Dog Drop-a sweer for dogs.

Room 3