Thursday, May 21, 2015

War themed silhouette artwork

 Over these last two weeks we have been working on war themed silhouette paintings. The students had to use tonal modelling to create the sunset. Then used a stencil to trace onto some black paper. We had to cut out the silhouette carefully to ensure the detail was not lost. These silhouette paintings were based on the poem written by Robert Laurence Binyon "For the Fallen".

Ordering Fractions Poster By Nazanin

This is my Ordering fractions poster. It was fun. I made it on Google Drawing. We had to use fractions and order them from the smallest to the largest.

The Surprise Dinner By Juliet

This is my Prezi. I had to retell the story. The story was about the surprise dinner party that Dad, Josh and Jenna put on for Mum.

Finding half of values poster By Najib

This is my Finding Half of values poster. 

Zoo Photo Story By De Niro

This is my zoo trip story we all saw lots of animals. Room 7 saw the lions and two tigers. It was a hot day when we were walking round the zoo.

Zoo Photo Story By Jacob

We went to the zoo it was so fun. We went to the zoo on Thursday the 7th May. I made this on googleslides.

The simile challenge

This is my simile challenge that took forever to make. It was fun. I had so many ideas. I didn't know which ideas were good and which ideas were bad. So i just used any but it was fun.

The Surprise Dinner Retelling By Tai

 This is my prezi work that I had to retell. The story was called The Surprised Dinner.

Is that an Earthquake? By Caesar

Today I've been learning how to take cover when an earthquake hits.

Finding half of values By Joel

This is my finding half of values poster.