Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Manaiakalani Film Festival: Masketeer Magic

Watch out! The Masketeers are out and about transforming classrooms into healthy eating environments. They add their magic and can work hard under pressure. Masketeer Magic is about surprises and illusions. We hope you enjoy our movie, as much as we enjoyed eating the heathy food left for us by the Masketeers.
Film Festival 2015 updated from Joy Paton on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

About Pulleys By Nazanin

This is my Pulleys poster. I worked on Google Drawing it was lots of fun to do. This poster is about pulleys. A pulley is something that lifts heavy objects.  I worked on this today  and it was a bit hard but not that hard. The next simple machine we are going to learn about is levers.

My Pulley Poster By Alex

This is my pulley poster.

My Doubles Poster By Joshua

Today I have been learning about doubles a double is something that is the same number that is like a Twin number

My Number of Tens Game By Sanujan, Aung Naing, Liam, Joseph and Nazanin

Today I have made a slideshow with my group about the number of tens.

Undersea Garden By Chavda

This book is about the undersea garden. There are different kinds of coloured seaweed. Seaweed comes in these colours green, pink,purple,red and brown.

My Poster on Pulleys By Sanujan

This is my poster I made on Pulleys. A pulley is a wheel and a rope that is used for lifting things.

Doubles Poster By Avalon

 This is my doubles poster. I learnt that a double is when you add the same number twice together. It always makes an even number.

What is a Lever? By Hajera

I have learnt that levers are used for lifting heavy loads with less effort.

What is a Pulley? By Jacob

This is my poster about pulleys. I learnt that pulleys can lift heavy objects .
A pulley is a simple Machine.