Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Zeba's senses poem

Zeba thinks the the colour red looks like strawberries and red lipstick. Check out what else she has to say about this vibrant colour.


Room A4 said...

Cool poem Zeba - it sounds like you really like strawberries. So do we, especially with ice cream!

Room 3 PBS said...

Hi Room A4,

Thank you for leaving Zeba a comment. She used expression and she spoke clearly and loudly. We like Zeba's poem too. We love getting your comments.

From your friends in Room 3 at Panmure Bridge School

darshana said...

hi Zeba,
I Like how you use a clear voice.

from darshana

Arlo and Oli said...

Wow Zeba,
that was excellent how you said that red tastes like strawberries and looks like red lipstick. We love red too so we liked hearing your poem.
From Arlo and Oli.

Room 3 said...

Hi Arlo and Oli,

Thank you for leaving Zeba a comment. It was very kind of you to leave a comment. We love strawberries in Room 3.

From Room 3 PBS