Sunday, October 3, 2010

John's senses poem on the colour blue

Check out John's blue poem and find out which things remind him of the colour blue.


Anetema and Ernie said...

Dear John,
We like how you talked about lots of blue stuff because it was interesting and we wish we could do that.
From Anetema and Ernie.

Room 3 PBS said...

Hi Anetema and Ernie,

Thank you for leaving a comment on our blog. We are now going to visit your blog and leave you some comments.

From Room 3 Panmure Bridge School.

vincent said...

Hi John

I liked how you talked about lots of things about blue.
I think your writing is getting beatter.

From Vincent

jessie darshana said...

hi john
i like how you spoek cleary

jessie Darshana

kingi said...

Hi john nice talking there and nice exspressen

Kane said...

Hay John I liked how you spook loud and clear keep up the good work.

James said...

Hi John
I liked how you use expression in your movie.

From James