Thursday, November 25, 2010

Our Floral Art works

These 3D Floral art works have been in the making for a number of weeks and most of them are finally finished. Here is a snapshot of photo's made into an animoto presentation. More photos are still to come.

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Jeremiah and John said...

Hi Art People,
We liked your art that yous mad.

From Jeremiah and John

MacKenzie said...

Hi Vincent
I Liked your art that you mad and I Liked your song because it was cool and I Liked all of The arts because They are so cool.

From Mackenzie

Atlanta said...

Hi Vincent

I Like you flour

jessie said...

HI vincent
I Like how you spoek clearly.

Mackenzie said...

Hi Vincent
I Liked The art The Red team shold be The winning taam shold be The Red team.

From Mackenzie.

tiare said...

Hi Vincent
I liked how you and Mia spoke clearly because I liked it on the movie because it was very very nice.

from Tiare