Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tiare's recount on the Athletics Sports

“ Yay“ It’s was Friday and Athletics is about to start. On Friday we had an awesome day. Panmure Bridge School was going to do Athletics and I was extremely excited. I just could not wait. But the sad thing was that I could not do any of it. I enjoyed helping Miss Sayers with the high jump. Then we had weird crazy weather, it was sunny and windy.

I was amazed with what the 10 to 11 years old could do. Cody N and his twin brother Jarred were jumping really high. I could not believe what I was looking at. Then there was awesome Lavinia and Stefanie who were great. They made it look easy I was amazed at how high they could jump. The order that it went in was Lavinia came first and Stefanie came second, but I thought they both were winners. Then I thought it was going to rain but Miss Sayers was telling me not to say that but I
kept saying it. Just before finishing with the juniors, the bell had rang and people ran off to get there morning tea. Then morning tea had finished and I went to go watch shotput with the 10 to 11 years old. “ Wow that’s awesome “ I thought. The shotput was fun because I was looking at it while others were throwing it and it looked awesome!

“Run, Hillary you can do it ! “ 400m run. There I was watching people run sitting next to Merika. Then we had finished our amazing day but had finished off with the big 400m run.

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