Thursday, August 16, 2012

Print Making Reflection By Tim

Print Making Reflection

 1. Are you pleased with your prints? Why / Why not?
Yes, I am pleased with my artwork, because I like the colours and the dye.

 2. What is your favourite print and why? Crayon Rubbing, Crayon and Dye, Dry Ink and Wet Ink My favorite print was dry ink, because it soft and smooth.

 3. What is your least favourite print and why? My least favourite one was crayon and dye, because it didn’t look great and it came out too dark.

 4. What did you find easy? The part that was easy was the crayon rubbing.

 5. What did you find hard? The part that I found hard was the roller, because you have to press hard and your hands can get tired.

 6. What would you do differently next time? I would do my athletics athlete the wrong way, so when I ink print, it will be the right way. 7. Who / What has helped you in the printmaking process? The people that helped me was Angel, Caitlin, Mr Blackmore and Miss Paton.

 8. What is something you have learnt from printmaking? What I have learned from printmaking was not to remove the paper too quickly, as the result will not be good.

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Khorus H-H said...

Hi Tim

Remember me, your friend Khorus. Well I'm going to say I love your artwork and the colours. Well done Tim, keep it up!!