Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Narrative By Teagan

My Own Narrative

Once upon a time there was boy a named Leroy. Leroy was a kung fu fighter and he would train with his master Sensei Wu under his dads pizza shop. Sensei Wu said in his words of wisdom  if he focused hard enough he would create a fireball and lightning ball  in his hands and become stronger  then his training would be finished. His father Tobi and his mother Temari owned a pizza shop. It was called Tobiriffic Pizza. Leroy had a little brother named Kakashi. Kakashi didn’t like what Leroy was doing and started  calling him Bruce Leroy. He was teasing him because he was a ninja. There was a bad group that would challenge people at Kung fu. The leaders name was Pain because of the pain he brings.

One day Pain and his group found Leroy and Sensei Wu’s training spot. Sensei  was  having a sleep when Pain stabbed him in the stomach and put Sensei Wu to his end. Leroy was cleaning his dads pizza shop when he heard this screaming “AAAA”. Leroy immediately knew it was Sensei Wu. Leroy ran over as fast as he could but it was too late Sensei Wu was dieing. He heard running but he couldn’t catch them they were  too fast. Leroy held Sensei Wu while Sensei Wu closed  his eyes and went into the light. Leroy screamed “NOOO!!”. Leroy said if he ever saw those guys again he would get his revenge.

Leroy teaches teenagers to help him to defeat Pain and his group. Leroy trains harder and focuses on mastering that fireball and lightning ball. One day  Leroy found a kid on the street. He must of got  beaten up by pain because he was bleeding by his lip and  his nose was all bloody too. Leroy asked him what his name was he whispered “ Kakashi “. Leroy screamed what. It was his little brother. So he picked him up and brought him to his class. Leroy was so angry it was like his head was going to explode. Leroy was furious.

A little while after he heard his mum scream “ AAAA”. Leroy ran up as fast as the wind and there he was . Pain, Pain grabbed his mother and chucked her to the floor then started chuckling to himself. Leroy focuses and remembered what Sensei Wu said. He focused and focused and focused. He opened up his hands and lightning started swirling in his left hand while in his right hand fire starting swirling in hand.  His eyes went blue as he struck the two hands and pushed it towards Pain. Pain screamed in pain “ Arrr”. Pain fell to the ground and was never seen again. Leroy keep training teenagers and himself. His dads pizza shop got bigger and it is all over the world. There was no more trouble and everybody lived happily after.

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