Saturday, June 15, 2013

Jessie's speech on: Should children be allowed on Facebook?

I believe that children should not be allowed a Facebook account. Facebook claims to have more than 7.5 million children the age of 13 on this social network site. According to research reports 5 million of those are children 10 year and under, with such a large number of children issues like cyber bullying, lack of parental supervision this has become a serious problem.

Young children having a Facebook account raises serious concerns of cyber bullying. Children can be silly and naughty and pick on each other and say mean stuff to one another, they can also swear and say rude stuff about one another. Most children think this is okay because they won’t get in trouble, but their teacher could easily find out what they are doing. This is why facebook is a huge form of bullying, and young children should be protected from it.

Parents aren't always able to supervise their child while they are on the internet. If your child has a Facebook account they are suppose to be 13 years and over. Children are unaware of how dangerous the internet can be, children may accidently give away personal information to prey. It is impossible to protect children from everything that happens on the internet.

Letting your young child have a Facebook account takes away their ability to focus. For example if school children were allowed a Facebook account they might go on it when they're not allowed too would get in trouble from their teacher if they did that in class time. Your friends you are sitting next to could tell on you if they saw you on Facebook. This is why I believe children shouldn’t be allowed on Facebook.

When you are 13 then you can have a Facebook account. I reckon all children should wait until they old enough to have a Facebook account.

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Jasmine said...

Hi jessie

I really like how you said children can't be allowed on facebook so keep up the good work.

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