Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Manaiakalani Film Festival: Learning to Inspire

Anything is possible when you think big, have dreams and when you have an education. This film highlights the importance in having an education. This movie looks at what famous people have in common and it investigates what education was like in the past and compares how it is now. It also looks at Education in the future and asks the hard question: Will Teachers be replaced by Robots?
Film Festival 2013 Joy from Joy Paton on Vimeo.


Mrs Anderson said...

What a fantastic movie Room 5! 'Richie, Kiri, Ernest, Walt and Alexander' you all showed us how making the most of your learning time can help you achieve your dreams. Well done!

Asmah said...

Hey Room 5,
Fascinating movie! The students who played Richie, Kiri, Ernest, Walt and Alexander, you all have done a fantastic job. You have all showed that you must think big and making the most of your learning time can help us accomplish our dreams for the future. Great job everyone!


Anonymous said...

I really loved your movie, was is really hard making the movie ?

Latanoa said...

I really liked your movie, It must of took a long time to make that movie

Jenny She said...

What an awesome movie! Excellent script and acting! Thank you for sharing!

Mrs She @Pt England School.

Miss Morris said...

Hi Room 5,

Thanks for your inspiring movie! School sure has more opportunities if you make the most of your learning opportunities. I am sure we will see a leader from your class in the future. Well done to the actors and all who participated. Definately a favourite film of mine!

Peh So said...

Hi room 5 did you enjoy making that movie because it look like you guys were having fun. Do you know San tat he's one of my friend and and he get to be a all black. That movie was cool because it has detail.

Victoria said...

Hello Room 5,

I really like your movie when e watched it at hoyts. Next time you should really know your words of by heart. Keep up the good work Room 5 I am looking forward to watching your other movie. :)

Annalise said...

Hey Room 5,
Hey Thomas and the group it is great to see you make movies. I liked the way you dressed up it is wonderful. Thanks for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

Hey Room 5

Nice movie

Linda said...

Hi Room 5

You had the best movie ever and I like have Miss Paton put the trip photo to a old photo.Keep up the great work.


Jessie said...

Hi Room 5

I really enjoyed the movie it is so cool and we all should keep up the great work.
From Jessie

Crystal said...

Hi Room 5 :)
I really enjoyed watching your movie. This movie is a really big inspiration to some kids to succeed in life. Great effort! keep it up :)

Crystal, Glen Innes School.

Tainah said...

Beautiful movie, Room 5. I really liked it. Your movie was inspired and I have to say, that you have success. What did you enjoy in your movie.

By Tainah

Anthony said...

Wow Room 5!
Awesome video you guys did
for Manaiakalani. I liked how you
acted out your role. Santat was the a good actor too, he played well for Richie. For you guys, what was your hardest challenge? Anyway awesome movie, you did Panmure
Bridge School proud! Can't wait 'til your next Manaiakalani video next year!