Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My What's for Lunch? presentation By Yvette

This is my What's for Lunch? presentation. We needed to pick ingredients from the budget priced sandwich list, the medium priced sandwich list and the premium priced sandwich list. When we had finished picking our foods and  fillings we needed to add the total amount we spent on our sandwiches. Then we needed to work out how much it will cost to eat your budget priced sandwich, medium priced sandwich and premium priced sandwich for 4 days, 5 days, 21 school days of November and 193 school days for the entire year. You will find my strategies and answers in my presentation. I HOPE YOU ENJOY! :-)

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Yvette said...

Hey yvette,
I love your presentation. You have explained your strategy's and answers really well. I wish I could eat your premium sandwich. In fact, when I get home I am going to make your premium sandwich. Keep up the good work. F,Y.I, I loved your performance today, it was awesome.

From Yvette