Sunday, December 29, 2013

Reon's end of year reflection

                                              End of year reflection

What have I liked about this year: I’ve liked how we have done lots of art, my favourite piece of artwork was my animal silhouette painting because it was easy to do and it had lots of colors. I also enjoy making a reindeer as one of our christmas activities, we traced our foot to make the reindeer's head and traced our hands to make its antlers.

I have also liked having cricket lessons with Andy.Also we went on a few trips like our walk around the Tamaki River it was tiring.We also went on a trip to Eastern beach.At Eastern beach we had Lunch and a swim.

I have also enjoyed reading school journals with my teacher, answering questions in the book was fun and easy.

This year has been a really fun year because I have learnt a whole lot of new things on my netbook and have had fun discovering a new digital way of learning,

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