Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My time at the Zoo

On Thursday May 7th Panmure Bridge School went to Auckland Zoo. This is my recount about the fabulous time I had at the zoo exploring all of the animals. 


I enjoyed the zoo today it was the best trip I’ve been on. The helpers were Emmy, Amelia and Diana Shailah's sister. We had to hop on the bus. All the of the class had to sit down and wait to go Pridelands. The first out of all the animals I saw in Pridelands were the giraffes. The giraffes necks were like long trees. Only one girl giraffe was eating leaves out of a cage box. After the giraffes we then saw the zebras. We could only see two zebras. One zebra was out drinking water and the other zebra was in a shade shelter.  The next animal we saw were the flamingoes. One of their legs were as thick as a line. The next animal was saw was the rhino. The rhino had sharp horns, as sharp as a knife.Then we saw was Burma the elephant. She was as big as a balloon. So then we ate some morning tea and carried on to see the rhino. After the rhino, we went to see the turtles. The turtles were surprised to see us because two more turtles came out to see us. After this we went to see the baboons. The Baboons made me laugh. There was a cute little baby baboon. It was with it’s mother tucked away. After the baboons we then saw servals and seals.

The meerkats and the red panda were the next animals we saw. They were very cute and furry. The Meerkats eyes looked like black eye liner. They were nice meerkats to me. Next we had lunch under the Band Rotunda tower. After lunch we went on our tour with Laura to see the orangutans. The tour was fun and we touched a snake skin. I thought the zoo trip was fun. The last animal we saw was the tiger. Laura told us where to go to see the tiger. The tiger’s name was Molique. She was very nice and a bit funny. Molique’s stripes were as black as paint. She had very sharp teeth. They were also long. She was dangerous. After watching Molique we went back to our meeting place and got ready to go back to school. I really enjoyed the zoo trip. It was fun.

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Angela said...

i love you photo that you guys took it look amazing.