Saturday, September 12, 2015

Should we change the New Zealand Flag? By Nazanin

This is my Argument on whether we should change the New Zealand Flag.

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The New Zealand flag has been waving proudly since 1902. At the moment there is a referendum on whether we should change the New Zealand flag?
I am against changing the New Zealand Flag.
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The flag has been through world war 1 and 2. The soldiers would not want to wave the new flag. The flag has been with the soldiers since 1902. The New Zealand flag is a part of our culture
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To have this referendum it is costing 26 million dollars to change the New Zealand flag.  A lot of money is being wasted to change the New Zealand flag. We could build new  schools and hospitals  with 26 million dollars.
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The Union jack flag have been flying with the soldiers for a long time.  The  flag has been flying with the soldiers since 1902. The union jack represents us as a commonwealth country.  Our head of state is queen Elizabeth the 2nd and we belong to the monarchy. Do we really want to have a president ruling this country  or do we want the queen as our head of state?


As I have argued today I think we should not change the flag. The current flag has represented New Zealand in wars and in sporting tournaments. It has had a long history. The New Zealand flag gives us the sense of belonging to the Commonwealth. It has enabled us to bond and have friendships with other countries. Money could be better spent on schools, hospitals, buildings, houses for poor people and roading. So why should we change a perfectly good flag?

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