Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Bio Poem By Liantre



Is: Talented, Creative, Responsible, Team player.

Daughter of: Crystal, William and Rawiri

sister of: Brissay

Lover of: Dancing, Nicki Minaj, Netball, family.

Who feels: tired when I eat lots of candy, happy when my family support me and sad when my nana died.

Who gives: Love to my family and friends, happiness to my friends and family, love and kindness to those that around me.

Who fears: spiders, snakes and stage fright

Who would like to see: a monkey, cook island dancing and my other family on my real Dad’s side.

Who lives: Auckland, Panmure, and New Zealand

1 comment:

Taryn said...

Hi Liantre,

I really like your bio poem. It has a lot of good details. Keep it up Liantre.

By Taryn