Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Bio Poem By Teagan

My Bio Poem
Is: Humorous, Team Player, Supportive, Talented

Son of: Haisley and Terresa

Older Brother Of: Lukah, Koura-Beau and Riley.

Lover Of: Rugby, My Parents, Brothers, Sports

Who Feels: Exhausted after a rugby game, Sleepy after dinner, Guilty for not taking the blame.

Who Gives: Love to my brothers, Lunch to people when they  have none, Sharing my lollies with my brothers.

Who Fears: Being injured in a sports, Being embarrassed in front of everybody,  another earthquake or deadly disaster.

Who Would Like To See: Pizza from New York, See the Eiffel Tower in Paris, To go to Water World and all the other play parks in the Gold Coast Australia.

Who Lives In: Glen Innes, Auckland, New Zealand


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